DaroodoSalam is
Allah Sunnah
Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation. (033.056)
Take Your Wishes To Almighty Allah
Umar bin Al-Khattab narrated: Indeed the supplication stops between the heavens and the earth. Nothing of it is raised up until you send Salat upon your Prophet. (Book Tirmizi No.486)
Benefits of
One Time DaroodoSalam Rewards you 10 Virtue which you have not done , Remove 10 Sins which you have done yet and Upgrade You 10 Times in Life and after.
Recite Daroodosalam
All your Time
At-Tufail bin Ubayy bin Ka'b narrated from his father who said: When a third of the night had passed, the Messenger of Allah(s.a.w) stood and said: 'O you people! Remember Allah! Remember Allah! The Rajifah is coming, followed by the Radifah, death and what it brings is coming, death and what it brings is coming!' Ubayy said: I said: 'O Messenger of Allah! Indeed I say very much Salat for you. How much of my Salat should I make for you?' He said: 'As you wish.' [He said:] I said: 'A fourth?' He said: 'As you wish. But if you add more it would be better for you.' I said: 'Then half?' He said: 'As you wish. And if you add more it would be better [for you].' [He said:] I said: 'Then two-thirds? 'He said: 'As you wish, but if you add more it would be better for you.' I said: 'Should I make all of my Salat for you?' He said: 'Then your problems would be solved and your sins would be forgiven.' (Book Tirmizi No.1027)